Warren Buffett a Giraffe-Inspired Leader Who is Leading Herds

Warren Buffett viewed freight train railroads as our future, and they already have a strong infrastructure in place. US Rail was 144 percent more in 2008 than in 1980. Trains can carry massive amounts of freight and travel 457 miles on one gallon of diesel fuel. If 10 percent of freight moved by truck were moved to rails, the United States would burn one billion fewer gallons of fuel a year. Buffett is betting that the use of freight trains will only continue to grow throughout the twenty-first century.

Buffett is a giraffe-inspired leader who creates smart risks, spending money with thought and concern for more than his company, Berkshire Hathaway. The freight train is the largest investment in the firm’s history, and he likely will be dead when trains become a major part of our country’s transportation and financial success.

Buffett is a renaissance man, fully connected to other humans (like a giraffe connected with other herds vs. lions only with lions).



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