Tom Hood’s excellent review of Giraffes of Technology and interview with Dr. Glover (new edition of the book with giraffe illustrations will be published near Feb. 15, 2014)

One of the top reasons I love my job is that we get to hang out with some really smart people as we build our portfolio of learning designed to keep CPAs ahead in this rapidly changing and complex world. We know that the core technical tax, accounting and auditing will always be needed but more and more, the differentiators for organizations and individuals is in the “soft skill” areas (we like the term “success skills”) that include leadership, communication, collaboration, strategic thinking and being technologically savvy (See the Top 5 Skills for CPAsfrom our research for the CPA Horizons 2025 Project).

Just last week I got to sit down with one of our newest BLI thought leaders, Dr. Hubert Glover and his insights about how giraffes can teach us a thing or two about leadership. 

Hubert talks about the giraffe in his book in this way,

“The most obvious trait is the giraffe’s dramatic physique, which provides a sweeping vision across the plains of Africa.The giraffe’s frame is structured for the broadest view. The tallest animal in the world epitomizes environmental scanning, relying on its height, vision, and alertness to manage and see beyond its surroundings – serving as a reliable lookout post for the herd.”

Check out these six herbivore inspired leadership traits:

  1. Acting as a lookout post for your community (not just other giraffes).
  2. Communicating as a gentle giant with humility or as we like to say humbition.
  3. Dealing with a violent birth and learning to get back up – resiliency.
  4. Moving forward to feed (your mind) by keeping your L>C.
  5. Dealing with the lions of change.
  6. Blending into new herds (diversity = innovation and growth).

Link to full review and interview with Dr. Glover on MACPA blog:


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