The Impact of Templosion in the 21st Century of Rapid Change

Edie Weiner (President of Weiner, Edrich, and Brown Inc.) defines templosion and examines its impact on business through “time.” How do you think templosion is impacting your business? Early on Edie introduces her panelists (move past this and start her speech at 2:08).

How does leadership in each field deal with quick change when the leader will need long-term vision to be highly successful?


2 thoughts on “The Impact of Templosion in the 21st Century of Rapid Change”

  1. Hubert,

    Great clip and I saw that video and was intrigued by Edie’s term ‘templosion’ as the implosion of time as the speed of change accelerates “exponentially exponentially” as she says in video. We have been calling this a VUCA world – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambuguous. I agree with Edie that the answer to rapid changes and hyper-competition is a bold vision and core values, things theta don’t change whole constantly re-inventing the shorter term strategy.

  2. giraffesoftechnology

    I agree, Tom; I like your VUCA term, and I would add “paradox.” Rapid, short-term change and long-term leadership ideas/goals don’t mesh well. But we need to learn how to combine them over the next century. We’ll see how this moves forward …

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