The Flip versus the Lookout Post: Warren Buffett and The Quiet Success of America’s Freight Railways

iKwTGqJMoe_0Those who still admire the flip (or short-term, buy-and-sell) business model must consider shifting to the path of a twentieth-century lookout post like Warren Buffett, a leader who invests more through a long-term business model.

Over the next century, Buffett sees freight rails as the lowest-cost option for transporting heavy loads across long distances and also recognizes that they would reduce energy costs and increase transportation options in a country with a fast-growing population.

Freight railways are best positioned to grow and don’t rely on cash-poor governments to maintain their infrastructure or build new lines, unlike highways and airports. The railways are a back-to-the-future transportation system in terrific shape to move raw material and other products across the nation in a less expensive and more environmentally friendly way.

Buffett is a giraffe-inspired leader who is leading herds back to an old feeding ground where a new crop has been planted.

Link to a recent article in The Economist:

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