“A serious business book with a light touch, a clear message and much wisdom.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A compelling read using the giraffe as a metaphor to better understand what makes people successful.”

Tommy Hilfiger, fashion founder of the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation

“The author’s understanding of both how the giraffe functions and how human leaders operate enables him to draw comparisons that are intriguing and relevant.”

Clarion Review Business and Economics

“These lessons and more will delight and inform anyone who wants to thrive in the next five thousand days of our digital revolution.”

Jacqueline Adams, former CBS News Correspondent

“Why did they title it Giraffes of Technology? In 21st Century business‚Ķorganizations and their leaders often embrace a top-down, autocratic style in the quest to achieve short-term gains (e.g., quarterly profits for shareholders). Yet many studies in the area of servant leadership show that a nurturing, empathetic, and values-oriented approach creates greater business value in the long run.”

Strategic Finance Review

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