The Lions of Change Destroy Creative Settings

We mentioned The Lions of Change Destroy Creative Settings as a metaphor in our book.

When the giraffe spots an area where it can guide the herds to foliage and protection, the herds calmly move forward, although occasionally a lion appears, blocking the path to the feeding ground.

The giraffe must make a life-or-death decision. It often walks away or gives warnings but rarely launches that crushing blow, though the threat of the giraffe’s lethal kick is known to the lion. In some specific way, giraffes always deal with lions so they can move forward to graze, the herbivore’s daily goal.

Standing up to lions is as tricky in the professional world as it is in the wild.

We are stopped and yanked off the path of moving forward.  We are thrust back into the primitive mode of “survive or die.” In work settings, few of us stand up to the lion with as much ease and focus as giraffes do in nature. But to make use of the encounter, we must commit to the goal of feeding (learning). If that is our genuine focus, we will have more skills at negotiating these conflicts when the next lion blocks our path to growth.

A key aspect of moving forward is to focus on the herd. If we keep that audience–not our individual egos–as our guide, we will attempt to make proper decisions and achieve better results.


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