How Compassion Builds Better Companies

LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner wrote a unique article:

“The importance of being compassionate, how it can change your career path, your company, and your life.”

He also wrote aspiring to compassion was helpful: “So I decided to change. I vowed that as long as I’d be responsible for managing other people, I would aspire to manage compassionately. That meant walking a mile in the other person’s shoes; and understanding their hope, their fears, their strengths and their weaknesses.  And it meant doing everything with my power to set them up to be successful.”

He mentioned that to create the right culture, and you create a competitive advantage is another point about the need for compassion. “The flip side is developing a culture with a compassionate ethos. That’s what our leadership team has tried to do at LinkedIn; create a culture where people take the time to understand the other person’s perspective, and not assume nefarious intention; build trust; and align around a shared mission. After nearly 10 years, I still celebrate the fact we can make important decisions in minutes or hours that some companies debate for months. Create the right culture, and you create a competitive advantage.”




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