New Herds—Blending into Diverse Communities

By nature giraffes welcome other herbivores into the herd (including zebras, wildebeests, hartebeests, and birds), animals that aren’t blessed with the giraffe’s extraordinary height and vision. By constantly moving forward to feed while living in a diverse, ever-shifting, and dangerous world, giraffes symbolize twenty-first-century leadership that centers on people working together on an increasingly level …

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Gentle Giants: Open Versus Closed Leadership

Nurturing traits that lead to trust are not only found in relationships between giraffes, but also between companies and customers–especially in the twenty-first century. Today CEOs must take a more engaging approach with customers. They must end the unilateral approach that occasionally offers a survey or focus group and move forward to provide a more interactive Web 2.0 approach …

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The 5,000-Day-Old Web

When episodes of the “The Jetsons” aired in 1962, I would watch a silly cartoon that predicted a future of flying cars, moving sidewalks, robotic maids, speaking watches, video phones, and a morning alarm that folded up a bed like a toaster, popping Mr. Jetson out perfectly dressed for work. These sci-fi imagined gadgets, operating throughout …

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The Democracy of Technology

Disease triggered Dr. Elaine Smokewood’s fall from the safety of the academic womb. She’d once disparaged technology but after the life-altering diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease, she was forced to embrace 21st-century gadgets that enabled her to continue her passion for teaching literature and creative writing at Oklahoma City University. Link to strong article/video about Dr. …

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The White Cap

There are many important moments I had with my father. You could call them early-childhood leadership workshops without much exaggeration. The image of a Heinz ketchup bottle always returns me to my family kitchen where I sit at the table watching my father strain to untwist the white cap. He displays exaggerated motions, conveying how …

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