The History of the Giraffe

The book’s metaphor—the giraffe—was a wonderful topic to research. Listed below are selected books and articles that we enjoyed reading as we learned more about “the herbivore” and its unique behavior, which one day may mirror twenty-first-century leadership:on the lookout

  • The Giraffe in History and Art by Berthold Laufer (1928),
  • “The Incredible Giraffe” by Ken Stott, Jr. (1953),
  • “Above the Treetops, They Survey the World” by Emily and Ola D’Aulaire (1974),
  • The Giraffe: Its Biology, Behavior, and Ecology by Anne Innis Dagg and J. Bristol Foster (1976),
  • “Africa’s Gentle Giants” by J. Bristol Foster (1977),
  • “Familiar Strangers: What We’re Finally Learning about Giraffes” by Jane Stevens (1993),
  • Tall Blondes: A Book about Giraffes by Lynn Sherr (1997), and
  • “Looking Up” by Jennifer Margulis (2008).

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