Month: October 2012

The 5,000-Day-Old Web

When episodes of the “The Jetsons” aired in 1962, I would watch a silly cartoon that predicted a future of flying cars, moving sidewalks, robotic maids, speaking watches, video phones, and a morning alarm that folded up a bed like a toaster, popping Mr. Jetson out perfectly dressed for work. These sci-fi imagined gadgets, operating throughout …

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The Democracy of Technology

Disease triggered Dr. Elaine Smokewood’s fall from the safety of the academic womb. She’d once disparaged technology but after the life-altering diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease, she was forced to embrace 21st-century gadgets that enabled her to continue her passion for teaching literature and creative writing at Oklahoma City University. Link to strong article/video about Dr. …

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The White Cap

There are many important moments I had with my father. You could call them early-childhood leadership workshops without much exaggeration. The image of a Heinz ketchup bottle always returns me to my family kitchen where I sit at the table watching my father strain to untwist the white cap. He displays exaggerated motions, conveying how …

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